Optical Remote Sensing Python Library

OpticalRS is a free and open source Python implementation of passive optical remote sensing methods for the derivation of bathymetric maps and maps of submerged habitats. OpticalRS contains most of the code that makes up MORE-MAPS: the Marine Optical Remote sEnsing Map and Assessment Production System [1]. Additionally, OpticalRS includes my interpretation of several widely used methods from the optical remote sensing literature. Citations will be found throughout this documentation to give credit to the original authors.

This documentation is a work in progress and may not currently be up to date with the code. Please contact me if you need help. This library is offered for use without any warranty of any kind in the hope that it can save other researchers the time required to implement these methods from scratch. The bits of code contained here have had various levels of testing. You must validate any results yourself. Please let me know if you find anything wrong or if you have any questions.



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